Atlas GP40, D&RGW – weathered stock models

18 November 2011 in Message from the staff

Showing a pair of stock Atlas EMD GP40 in D&RGW colors. Heavily weathered with chalks and airbrush.

D&RGW EMD GP40-2 from Atlas. Disassembled and weathered with chalks and airbrush.
■ Atlas D&RGW EMD GP40 #3131 with finished weathering effects
Showing the overall dusted and sooted appearance.

Another shot of the weathered EMD GP40-2, comparring it to a shiny new one.
■ Atlas D&RGW EMD GP40s
D&RGW EMD GP40 #3131 with its, still, clean counterpart. The contrast between the weathered and the clean locomotive is huge.

Low angle shot showing the weathering.
■ Atlas D&RGW EMD GP40 seen from below
In this shot, the kicked up dust along the underside is clearly visible. Also note the spilled fuel on the tank.

TTwo weathered Atlas EMD GP40-2s. Both Atlas units have had a fair amount of weathering applied.
■ Brothers in arms
Both locomotives habe been weathered. The heavy dust and dirt covering was typical for the late Denver & Rio Grande Western.

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18 November 2011 Message from the staff

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