Custom-built airport tug in 1/200: The Goldhofer AST-1 – first results

18 August 2011 in Message from the staff

First results of my work:

Today I received the prototype of the company which produces my model.

First impressions: Better than I expected!

Still, the model is made out of translucent material and covered in some sort of wax used during production. It will take some cleaning and painting, until I can further assess it.

The tug comes in 6 parts which should make painting the Goldhofer AST-1 a lot more easy:

Body, four wheels and the cab.

Did some successful test fitting, as the parts had been designed to hold together without any glue (will glue it at the end anyway just to be safe).

You have to take the size of the Goldhofer airport tug into account: Just 46 mm long! The wheel diameter is about 7 mm!

Goldhofer Airport Tug, prototypeGoldhofer Airport Tug, prototype

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18 August 2011 Message from the staff

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